We have reserved a block of rooms at the Hotel Das Rübezahl where the wedding is taking place.

The standard room rate is $355.50 per night. You may upgrade to a castle view for an extra $10.99 per night, and there are many room options to explore so please take some time to familiarize yourself with the website and makethe best decision for you or your party.

If you want to make any changes to your room, you may contact the hotel and let them know you are with our wedding party to make sure you get the discounted rate. We will provide information on payment later on.

This is where the wedding, reception dinner, and the primary part of our trip will take place. We hope that you are going to love it!
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The best airport to fly in to for this trip will be Munich (MUC). We have found great deals on flights from many airports across the U.S. that fly in to this city and think it won't be too difficult to find good flights for everyone.

Our current plan is to fly in on Thursday, December 10th, and would like to meet everyone in Munich before traveling to the wedding location on Friday the 11th or Saturday the 12th ( it is a short, beautiful train ride away and we would like to have everyone travel together for this leg of the trip ).

Flights are not on sale yet for winter of next year so we do not have specific details or prices at this time but will keep everyone informed as we are able to start booking. If we get multiple people flying out of the same airport, it is possible that we will be able to work with an airline or travel agency to receive a group discount.

Based on this year's rates, we are expecting roundtrip travel to cost between $475 & $750 per person but have seen cheaper tickets from many of the international hubs like Houston, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, & Miami.

You will also of course have the option of flying in or out of a different European city if you would like to explore further or find a means of travel that better suits your plans.

Area Attractions

We know it's not every day that you get swept away to Europe for just a few days of matrimonial celebration, so we hope that you are able to use this as an excuse to experience a little extra European charm while you are in town.

The closest areas to visit will be Switzerland, Austria, France, and Northern Italy. If you would like any help planning activities in these areas, just let us know! They will all have gorgeous Christmas markets and winter celebrations this time of year that you won't want to miss.

Below are just a few suggestions in our immediate area, but there is SO much to do and see. Nearly everything in Europe is a quick bus, train, or plane ride away and it is very cheap to get around.

Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau Castles

Hofbräuhaus München - the home of Hofbräuhaus beer!

BMW Museum

Bavaria Films Studios

Europa Park

-Visit the Black Forest that inspired Grimm's Fairy Tales
-Head to Venice & take in the sights & romance of the City of Water
-Cheese Fondue tour in Switzerland
-Visit the filming sets of the Sound of Music & Mozart's hometown in Austria
-Drive an antique car through the Romantic Road
-Visit the quaint Bavarian villages nearby to enjoy the local flair

Ceremony & Reception Information

Under Construction. We will update this section & the "Events" page as we get more details set in stone!
Nikkol Christiansen